We are here to serve the overwhelmed, the overworked, the eager to impress, the creatively tapped.


For those who prefer to collaborate, who are searching for something new, who need an edge, who have too much on the line.

TCG Events, Inc. is a trusted partner in the planning, design, and execution of events that demand lasting impact. We are more than an event planning company, and bring more to the table than a network of vendors. We bring collective, clever creativity backed by thoughtful, calculated logistics that turn events into unmatched experiences.

our mission

It may seem surprisingly simple, but our mission is to transform the ordinary to extraordinary:  To provide a stress-free and fun event-planning experience while producing an event that meets the clients’ goals, exceeds their expectations, and makes those who didn’t attend wish they had.

our mantra: to event differently®

We are allergic to the typical, expected, conventional, and banal. We aspire to have each client engagement be an evidentiary experience of the integrity, expertise, and necessity of the event-planning industry.


years in Business

Over 80%

clients are repeat